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the Central Bank starts shadowing notes

Specialists of Jar of Russia have devised a new mode of scrambling with counterfeiters, and also appraisals of life cycle of notes. Now conveyance of concrete denominations will size up under numbers by means of special computing machines.

"We to it go, such technical possibilities for us are", - the chief deputy of the chairman of the Central Bank of Russia George Luntovsky has told on Friday during the lecture with journalists.

He has told that the jar uses the special schetno-sorters created by the Russian development engineers. The microcomputer is built in their gear, capable to read out number of notes. By means of these produced by means of information interchanging between branches of jars also begins possible to watch driving of denominations.

By word Luntovsky, this innovation first of all will help with the solution of one of the most severe problems – in scrambling with counterfeiting. Besides, the produced production engineering will give the chance to size up efficiency of force of the Central Banks routed on improvement of the quality of notes. "We place money in improvement of the quality of notes, but to trace period of their service we can not" yet, - the interlocutor has illustrated.

The vice-president of jar also has told that at the moment the Central Bank creates the automized system of cash monetary circulation which one will make possible to store up in the middle the information on denominations from regional compartments of the Central Bank in a regime online. "Through this program it is possible to organise the count of notes", - the interlocutor has indicated. As he said, the first stage of a heading of the produced system will be completed already in the current year.

As passes RIA Novosti news agency, drives experiment under the count of notes in terrain of Tatarstan. There in compartments of jars computing machines the "Bars", capable to recognise number of denominations are installed. The gained information will help specialists to specify expediency of an innovation.


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