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the 5-thousand note of Russia

The Note of 5000 rubles, as well as notes of a formation sample of 1997 is devoted cities of Russia: 10 rubles - Krasnoyarsk, 50 rubles - St.-Petersburg, 100 rubles - Moscow, 500 rubles - Arkhangelsk, 1000 rubles - Yaroslavl became for a long time customary on the Russian notes.

Now Khabarovsk was affiliated to them - an outpost in assimilation of Siberia and the Far East. For this city not so old, but very rich with events history. In the middle of 17 centuries Erofei Habarov with the Cossacks has committed a row of marchings in an Amuria and has compounded a delineation of the river the Cupid. After 2 secular indeterminate form of a fittings the Amuria of lands, thanks to force of the governor-general of Eastern Siberia Muravev-Amursky has been signed the historical Ajgulsky tract about boundary lines between Russia and China. Thanks to this tract and successful geographycal layout Khabarovsk has turned from the Cossack village of a Khabarovka to a prospering boundary city.

On a note face side the monument Muravev-Amursky installed in Khabarovsk in the end of 19 centuries and 20 centuries installed in the eighties is figured. The basic figure of a reverse side of the note is the bridge map through the Cupid in the city of Khabarovsk.

For protection of the note against a counterfeit signs of authenticity of notes are used well-known to the population: a water-mark; a microperforation; a colour variable paint; latent images; colour variable moire. And on the back - a diving defensive filament.

Besides, with allowance for a note seller's price, for its protection a row of brand new defensive characters is used.

Predominating colours of the five-thousandth note are fulfilled so that chances to confuse it with other notes would be minimum.

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