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the Greatest coined gold in the world

The Coin from pure gold weighs 100 kilogramme, diameter of 50 centimetres, and width of 3 centimetres. In the world it has been manufactured only such five coins, they were produced by canadian masters in honour of a centenary of the Royal Canadian mint.

100 kgs of gold

100 kgs of gold

It is very unique yield, this year the Royal Canadian mint celebrates the anniversary and carries out various provisions.

Maple leaves

Maple leaves

Eight weeks has left on manufacture of this coin, and all was fulfilled manually - one side of a coin is decorated by three leaves of a maple, and other - a cross-section of the queen of Elizabeth. A face-value of this coin - 1 000 000 Canadian dollars , and sale value 2 000 000 euros. The coin is introduced to the Guinness Book, as the greatest coined gold in the world.

the Greatest coined gold

the Greatest coined gold

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