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Alterations in the 1000-rouble note

The Most defended note from all existing will occur in Russia already till the end of this year. It is a question of a denomination in 1000 rubles which one forge also which one now more often it will be equipped by new special signs. In the Jar of Russia exhaustion of new 1000 denominations link to car restyling - an appearance has not varied, but inside and under the bonnet all in a new fashion. Creators of the 1000-rouble note speak - as of today it is the most defended note in the world. Working on of her has started in 2007 because of huge and permanently growing quantity of forgeries. Today in Russia 1000-rouble denominations forge in 10 times more often, than all remaining denominations together taken. Only last year them it is excepted on the total more than 150 million.

All new defensive characters can be divided into 2 bunches conditionally: for the population and for specialists. On a new denomination the arms of Yaroslavl fulfilled by a special paint at once are swept, the effect is visible at an upturning, on the arms the colour strip transverses, such production engineering uses on the most perfect notes of the world. The metallic stria on a face side has extended and has turned in so-called a stained window in him digit 1000 and a special tag is scanned, depending on a rotation angle of a denomination they change the colour. On a broader scale, speak, will play with the new note extremely interestingly, almost all units change either colour, or a pattern, a moire figure overflows and develops in various ornaments. For the first time on thousand rubles the brand new production engineering of protection is applied, the so-called 2T-iris, an ornament at tumble changes colour with pink on greenish-blue and is return, but also at turning movement in other plain at the left-to the right - colour too varies - such still is not present on one note of the world.

Alterations the pattern has undergone also papers , first of all it touches chasing. The papers of a filament introduced to frame from homochromatic became colorfull and it only that is visible to the usual person with open years. For banking workers armed special instrumentation as enters many new tags allowing to distinguish a new denomination from the bogus. The unit of novelties is visible by means of usual banking technique, for some sensing transducers of new phylum can be required. Manufacture of the new note will manage on third more expensively than old, exhaustion will start after a signing of an agreement with Goznak. In Already autumn the Jar of Russia will start gradual retirement from a revolution of denominations of the former formation sample, some time old and new thousand rubles will go simultaneously, it is supposed that the complete substitution will happen through two and a half a year, so much the domestic thousand rubles on the average live.

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