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Presentation of the new 100-dollar note

Two complementary colours, four new units and slightly augmented Benjamin Franklin. On February, 10th the next year the government of the USA will inject a new 100-dollar denomination into reversal. It have presented synchro worldwide, in Russia the presentation has driven in Embassy of the USA.

It is a brand new denomination, the basic difference from old - in colour. First that is evident - bright orange digits, the pen and inkwell map. In an inkwell the hand bell which one changes colour is had, occurs or disappears at a denomination tilt.

Denominations in 100 bucks forge more often and all these novelties are indispensable for scrambling with counterfeiters. In total in the world 6,5 billion 100-dollar notes is converted. Their changing will happen by degrees. Old denominations will be accepted on a level with the new. Appearance of colour and new units of protection will increase a fabrication cost of one note with 11 to 14 cents or on 27 percents. To interchange all 100-dollar notes to the Government of the USA it is necessary to spend for some years of 910 million bucks.

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