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the Native currency of Armenia

November, 1993 was stored to citizens of Armenia, as one of the most complicated seasons when after an exit of Russia from rouble allowed band, the government of Armenia which one was in distress, has made a decision about initiating on native currency territory of the country - a dram .

On November, 22nd, 1993 at 00 o'clock in terrain of Armenia boating of russian rubles of the State Bank of the USSR instead of which one dram notes have been entered into reversal was stopped. Interchanging of rubles for drams has been realised within one week.

In the currency reform beginning it has been installed that 1 buck is peer to 14,5 drams. Determination of this rate has appeared erratic as in some days unprecedented devaluation has started that has been stipulated by lack of indispensable spares. Day of initiating of the native currency is considered on November, 22nd Day of the banking worker.

Today formation samples of notes as a first generation the dram with 1993 for 1999, and second generation, is more narrow after 1999 are stored in the Central bank museum. Are demonstrated, both claimed, and the formation samples of money not claimed by the Central Bank.

First generation Money in many respects yields to present notes which one matches to international standards. Because of haste and impreparation the grammar error on the note by virtue 10 has been admitted is dram. In 1993 Armenia was in a difficult situation and authority carried on negotiations with Russia for possibility of initiating to Armenia of a russian ruble. But Russia has refused. That is Armenia was last country which one after disintegration of the USSR has injected the native currency.

Despite all problems specialists consider that drams today is definitively claimed currency. Now job on development of token moneys is prolonged to be carried on.

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