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the Reserve bank of New Zealand has manufactured recently the advisory document on pre-award positioning of requests which banks should observe to the full, carrying out a policy of the Resolution Open bank as it has been noted by the Minister of Finance of New Zealand in the application on March, 11th, 2011.

The Resolution of Open Bank is provided for the decision on fast bank crash in such a manner that the bank can be opened for business, minimising load on the general bank and payment systems.

The Deputy of an operating Reserve bank of New Zealand Grant Spenser has declared: "the Resolution of Open Bank supplies continuity of the basic banking services at bank crash from retail clients and the enterprises, first of all on shareholders of bank and creditors, instead of tax bearers.

the Reserve bank of New Zealand
World financial crisis has emphasised potentially huge financial expenditure connected with support of problem banks. Therefore it is necessary for the government that the Resolution of Open Bank was an operative and effective variant of a policy for keeping of cost of bank crash, at the same time without threatening safety of all financial system."

Banks carry out consultations on system requests which are necessary for maintenance of introduction of the this concept in operation.

Mister Spenser has emphasised: "the Reserve bank supervises realisation of a rational policy of banks, such as outsourcing and will promote realisation of the Resolution of Open Bank. Pre-award positioning of internal banks of system represents the following stage on this process of introduction."

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