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The Exclusive Internet - will help to prevent the address of banks "fishing" and theft of the personal data. The new design from special group of trade by financial services in the USA which schedules is developed to make an application in ICANN in the beginning of next year on a domain name ".bank" top level.

Financial Services Roundtable, at support of Association of the American bankers, schedules to create the new company on management of subdomains.

According to the general manager of the design, Krejga Schwarz the will lead to increase in level of safety and trust of users of online banking. addresses or.с, only the checked up financial institutions can be registered under the

Today it is possible to any criminal to purchase the Internet the address, such, for example, as an input in to create a fishing-site, and then hoping that very many credulous people will think, what is it official site Barclays and will want to enter there having kept the malefactor all source passwords and logins.

the bank Address
Only the real bank can be registered address. In a combination to the cryptographic signature to use new DNSSEC the safety standard, it can yield consumers higher degree of reliance of the, than was earlier in other expansions.

"The Internet brands untwisted and familiar to people have the Majority of well-known banks” Schwarz has told. "But there are thousand banks worldwide at which Internet brands are not untwisted owing to shortage of experience or resources, as at big banks. We consider it as yield possibility on small and medium banks on the size». Nevertheless, training of users to the Internet through the and use of online banking services can take significant time.

But all the matter is that all it can be not effective in prevention "fishing". Recent researches Anti-fishing Working Group have shown that only 9 percent suffered from fishing-attacks have seen change of the Internet address of bank that allows to assume that many Internet users do not look at all at an address line of the browser.

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