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the Banking association in Singapore has been formed in 1973 after at Singapore and Malaysia the Agreement on interchangeability of the currencies has concluded, and each country has manufactured own currency. Membership in the Banking association in Singapore is voluntary and is opened for local and the foreign banks having the licence of Currency management of Singapore (MAS) for work in Singapore. As of April, 30th, 2006, the Banking association in Singapore switched on 106 ordinary and seven allied members who are involved in a wide spectrum financial and banking, beginning from the basic world giants of financial services.

Association bank
Banking association role in Singapore is submission and the further interests of the banks-members, an establishment of standards of the best practice and modernisation of experience of bank sector of Singapore. The association carries out regular consultations with MAS for discussion of branch questions and promotes stability of a financial system. It also supplies the legislation and the guides, concerning a financial sector, and also helps to position the general bases for banks-members to reconcile various opinions and supports designs promising mutual benefit. The association supports contacts to establishments and trading associations, such as the Singapore exchange, Association of builders of the real estate and the Consumer' association of Singapore which widely use bank and financial services. Banking associations in Singapore also intimately co-operates with management consultancy service to support proceeding ambition of Singapore to become the main financial centre within Asian-Pacific region.

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