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Workers of bank , also known as bank officers, bear responsibility for the large part of day-to-day operations of financial institutions. Their work consists in that to trace all money which enter and leave bank. It not a simple problem as the bank can have some tens bargains every day.

According to Office of statistics of work (USA), the basic responsibilities of workers of bank are reception and distribution of money resources. It switches on processing of deposits, cashing in of checks, reception of payments under the credit or acquisition of documents on issue of money from the deposit. Employees of bank also exchange currency and the made out traveller's cheques. Workers of bank reflect in the special journal all bargains spent in the certain period of time, with granting to the employer of the report in the end of the working day, and also assist in sphere of safety by identification and signature check. At last, bank officers can address with inquiries in opening or closing of bills.

According to Office of statistics of work, the majority of jobs of workers of bank require at least the high school or college diploma. Nevertheless, of Office are assured that experience not always is a necessary condition at employment of the bank worker as many financial institutions train the employees.

Workers of bank
Though at employment of the employee of bank only the diploma of high school or its equivalent routinely is required, mathematical skills have great value as bank workers should be able calculate figures under deposits. Employees of bank constantly deal with public, thus courtesy and fast service also are necessary. Workers of bank should be fair and know a financial law as they have access to great sums of money - for this reason check of biographical particulars is standard procedure for all who applies for work in bank.

The Job in bank differs cleanliness and pleasant conditions but as bank officers stationaryly perform the same work again and again, it it becomes boring. There is always a potential risk for criminal activity in bank (robbery) so that bank officers should be ready to protect and and clients.

According to Office of statistics of work, on the basis of the data of 2008, the salary of workers of bank makes approximately $23600 in a year, however, in 2009 the wages of the worker of bank have reached the mid-annual sum at the rate about $24700.

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