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the European bank which has been created in the termination of cold war, for the help to a former communist block has undertaken efforts to help the states which have suffered from the Arabian revolt.

The European bank for Reconstruction and Development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) declared the plans of expansion of crediting in the countries of the Near East and the North Africa. During an annual meeting in Kazakhstan, the board of governors has asked, that directors of bank have granted the plan about extension of the mandate of bank in regions.

The European bank has propagated the application in which it is said that Egypt and Morocco have already expressed interest in expansion of activity of bank. This step will mean increase in a role of bank after the revolt which have swept across the Arabian North Africa the last some months, replacement of modes in Egypt and Tunisia and creation of new requirements in the field of financing development. After exile of former president Hosny Mubarak, the provisional government of Egypt has made an application in the European bank to begin crediting of small and medium business. Morocco were designated also by "serious interest".

the European bank
As they say in the application of the President of bank Thomas Mirou - the credit establishment, in the issue, has possibility to invest in regions to $3,5 billion a year.

The US president the Barrack Obama declared the support of the expanded mission of the European bank. During the main speech on the Near-Eastern policy, he has declared that the USA will work with the allies to "reorient" them on the European banks so that in the subsequent they could support "democratic transformations and economic modernisation in the Near East and in the North Africaā€¯.

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