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History of banks closely related money with history, but all the same bank transactions, possibly, preceded the invention of money. Deposits originally consisted of grain, and then from other goods, including a horned cattle, agricultural stock, and in the issue precious metals, such as gold, in the form of plates convenient for resocks. Temples and palaces served as the most safe places for gold storage. As holy sites, temples represented the additional deterrent from potential thieves.

Dealers of the ancient world who yielded credits for farmers and the merchants transporting the goods between cities were the First bankers. The first mentions of such activity are dated about 2000 BC in Assyria and Babylon. Later in the Ancient Greece and at the time of Roman empire issue of credits has been organised in temples. During this period there is a similar certificate of independent development of credit money in Ancient China and separately in ancient India.

History of banks
The banking history in modern sense of this word goes back to medieval Italy, an epoch of the early Renaissance, to rich cities in the north, such as Florence, Venice and Genoa. Families of Bardi and Perutstsi opened banks in Florence in 14 century, also creating branches and in many other parts of Europe. Probably, most known Italian bank of that time is Medici the bank created by Giovanni Medici in 1397.

Banking Distribution to Europe, and also a number of the important opening has taken place in Amsterdam during the Dutch republic of 16 centuries and in London in 17 century. In 20 century, development in the field of telecommunications and computers result ins to significant changes in development and work of banks and allows them to increase considerably in sizes and geographical space. In the end of 2000th years during financial crisis there was a considerable quantity of bankruptcies, including some of the largest banks of the world, and also there were many disputes on bank regulation.

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