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Yield we will consider that represent bank interests . The percentage instalment is paid by the borrower of assets of the holder, as the form of indemnification for use of these assets. It is the price paid for use by extra money, or the money earned in custody of money resources more often.

When money is given on loan, the basic interest, as a rule, is given by the creditor to percent from the basic debt or an amount outstanding before the creditor. The basic percent, which is given as payment for the certain period of time (as a rule, one month or year), is called as the interest rate. The bank contribution will earn percent because the bank pays for use and storage of funds. Assets which are sometimes lent with interest, include money, shares, the consumer goods through a deferred payment, the basic assets, such as planes, and even the whole factories in actions for a finance lease. Percent are charged on value of assets, in the same order, as well as on money.

Percent in banks
Percent bring indemnification to the creditor, for: risk of loss of the basic money resources, a so-called credit risk, and failure of other investments which could be made with the assets given on loan. These missed investments are known as alternative costs. Instead of the creditor used the assets directly, they are passed for use by the borrower. Then the borrower takes advantage of use of assets and makes the efforts necessary for their payment, and the creditor has benefit from the percent paid by the borrower for this privilege. In economy, percent are considered by the credit.

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