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Opening new bank difficult enough and long process. First of all it is necessary to learn maximal about the bank charter having addressed to bank experts in the state and federal services. Being more educated you will prepare competent articles of bank and most likely, your bank will be successful.

The Further general steps to open new bank:

1. To find the good bank adviser. Any errors or omissions in your application of the charter can lead to significant delay, heavy expenses, or, probably, even to hurt your ability to meet with approval of the charter of new bank.

2. Familiarise with all state and federal banking laws which will be applied in your design. The different states have different laws, and it is possible to find more attractive to open new bank in other country.

New bank
3. Collect advice of founders from investors who can supply in common not less $5 - $10 million launching capital and which have a faultless credit folder. Any person from advice of the founders, having doubtful credit history can prevent to obtain a licence to new bank. Such investors can participate in quality of the general investors.

4. Develop with your bank adviser the business plan, corporate image of bank and the detailed finance indexations. The marketing business plan for private placement which you will fulfil the large part of your launching capital is required to you, also you will need to make much more a detailed plan and to present it, as a part of your charter for the state and federal licences.

5. Preparation of private placement to lift your capital at least $20 million Besides, strict observance of laws on safety has the vital significance, therefore you should deal only with dear investment bankers and attorneys of securities. Your investors all should be checked carefully up as completely accredited investors.

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