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Recently it has been published that Fitch has already followed the lead Moody ' s and has begun decrease in a credit rating of Great Britain. It reflects decrease in level of the support, offered by the government of Great Britain. Actually Fitch has depressed while only Lloyds and RBS, but Moody has gone further, having shown decrease a rating in general twelve banks and building associations. New ratings are made with meant tax support of the government. Using the data, Moody ' s, at a support exception from outside the governments, ratings of the big 4 banks of Great Britain will look as follows:

a current rating without government support
RBS A2 Baa2
Lloyds A1 Baa1
Barclays Aa3 Aa3

the Rating of banks
Within sector of building associations five of eight firms who have been depressed, are now under an investment class.

Banks already hardly finance themselves, and any negative estimation of rating agencies, obviously is not going to help to raise incomes which they can borrow. As soon as issuing costs of a priority debenture debt raise, for establishment the stimulus increases in issue of a secured debt and the securities supplied with assets. It, most likely, will strengthen the further pressure upon priority poor bonds of bank. Creditors with a priority poor part of the capital become more subordinated, with the claim for smaller quantity of assets.

At decrease in the state support, rating agencies have reacted predictedly negatively, and banks will continue to interfere with with shortage of financing. It is improbable that as soon as possible we will be issued in the end of a tunnel.

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