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Unlike monetary metals which save value even after the millenia in any country, in itself values have no paper moneys. The rate of paper moneys is guaranteed by the government or the bank which has manufactured them that is why political and economic crises can fast depreciate them. However, despite some defects, function of a measure of value paper moneys execute as successfully, as well as metal, and in a role of a circulating medium and payment of the note it is much more convenient.

the Note (from English bank-note - "bank note") - the token money produced of a paper or plastic which is manufactured by central bank of the state and is obligatory to reception in all its territory.

50 US dollars

Together with note coins make system of cash of the state. As a rule, notes have more nominal value, than coins.

At the heart of idea of money the recognition of certain goods (product) as an instrument of payment lies. The most ancient system of account had a binding to agriculture: as a legal tender then pets and grain crops served. For example, in Ancient Mesopotamia grain was settlement "monetary" unit, and the Japanese feudal system was under construction on an annual yield of rice (cook).

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