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Kuwaiti dinar

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Monetary unit of Kuwait is the Kuwaiti dinar. In 1991 decor and design of denominations were changed. The reason of it 6 months of occupation of the country have served as armies of Iraq adjoining on Kuwait. In this time the Iraq population has removed all Kuwaiti money which managed to be found out. That Iraqis could not use the Kuwaiti currency, right after the occupation terminations the exchange of paper moneys has begun. Coins were not exposed to an exchange, and remained in the same kind what they had before war. The fifth (and while last) a series of the Kuwaiti notes has been manufactured on April, 3rd, 1994 and switched on hi-tech safety measures which became now the standard for all notes.

the Flag Kuwait the Map Kuwait
the Arms Kuwait

One Kuwaiti dinar makes 1000 filses. A dinar symbol at the international level - KWD , and within Kuwait - KD . In circulation there are denominations of denomination 1/4 1/2, 1, 5, 10, 20 dinars.

Exchange is carried out practically in each bank and shop, and in private exchange offices which it is a lot of in territory of Kuwait. As a rule, the exchange rate can be looked in the Kuwaiti newspapers. It is necessary to study very attentively the terms of the exchange defined by exchange offices, - many banks take the big commissions for the insignificant sums whereas on decent amounts of money there are any allowances, and happens and on the contrary, all depends on concrete bank.

The Kuwaiti dinar falls into with the stable is hard to currency. Importation and exportation both national, and a foreign exchange are allowed.

Face side 1/2 dinars of Kuwait
the Back 1/2 dinars of Kuwait

In territory of Kuwait foreign money practically is not accepted. There is a probability that they will be taken in the market by any petty dealer, however in other places it is necessary to change a foreign exchange for local dinars.

Face side of 20 dinars of Kuwait
the Back of 20 dinars of Kuwait

It is updated 04.2012

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