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Polymeric money

Polymeric notes have been developed by the Reserve bank of Australia and Public organisation of scientific and industrial researches (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and manufactured in 1988. As a material for new denominations the oriented polypropylene (BOPP) which represents not fibrous and not porous polymer has served a biaxially.

10 Aussie dollars

As it has been declared by founders, in comparison with paper money from polymer has many advantages. They not so fast wear out, are not torn, maintain more excesses, are less dirted, less hurt at contact to water (even if casually get to a washing machine). They are easier for manufacturing; process of crushing of the worn out denominations, their processing and re-using is also considerably simplified.

Besides the traditional protection frames applied on denominations from a paper, such as penetrating and offset printing, watermarks, stamping etc., polymeric money is supplied by new protection frames from fakes which cannot be applied on a paper.

In 1972 as a protection frame of plastic money optically changed system (Optically Variable Device, OVD), received by means of very exact stamping (diffraction grating) on a thermofilm was offered. The transparent window where it is possessed OVD, is evident at once and allows to position authenticity of the note at first sight.

Other polymeric (polyethylene) fibres under name Tyvek have been developed for production of money by company DuPont in the early eighties. However this polymer has not sustained various tests and checks. Only Costa Rica and Haiti were decided to use Tyvek for a seal of token moneys. Now these denominations are not manufactured any more and are of value unless for collectors.

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