Tirana, capital of Albania

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Tirana is the state capital of Republic Albania, and also an administrative centre Tirana. The city places in the central part of the Albanian plain at bottom of mountains Kruja-Dajti on river bank Ishm.

The Small settlement in this territory has been formed in XV century In 1614 the city has been mortgaged. Throughout all history the city was the centre of struggle of the local Albanian population against conquerors-Turks. Capital of Albania and government residence Tirana is recognised in 1920 In days of the Second World War a city has endured the Spanish and German occupation. In 1946 after declaration of National Republic of Albania Tirana became its capital.

Tirana - capital of Albania

Now Tirana is the largest economic, political and cultural centre of Albania. Here are not only the major concerns of the country, but also higher educational establishments, National library, a struggle Museum for national clearing, the Is natural-scientific museum, theatres, conservatory and a film studio «New Albania». The mosque of Etegej Beja constructed in XIX century on the area of Skendeberg also concerns places of interest of a city. In the same place the Hour tower - one of country symbols is possessed also.

the Flag of Tirana, capital of Albania

the Flag Tirana represents the panel of a squared shape coloured in azure colour. In the cloth centre the plotting of the complete official urban arms with a crown is seated.

The coat of arms of Tirana, capital of Albania

The coat of arms Tirana represent the heraldic board of the nonconventional French form vertically divided into two equal parts, right from which are coloured in red colour, left - in azure. On a red field the plotting of a silver (white) tower with hours is seated - the well-known place of interest of a city constructed in XIX century On an azure background the stylised figure of the silver wolf standing on hinder legs and keeping in a forepaw a gold lily is represented. The plotting of a wolf is crossed by a red religature with two eight-final stars of silver colour. The wolf in national Balkan legends acts as a symbol strict, but the wise and fair power caring of the people. The French lily serves as a reminder on submission of a part of the Albanian earths to the Sicilian kings which took place to the middle of XIV century The coat of arms is topped by the three-beam tower crown of silver colour symbolising the metropolitan status of a city. The urban arms officially have been confirmed in 2001, thus, Tirana is the last capital which has received own arms of one of the states of Europe.

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