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the Process of manufacture (stampings) of dollar coins of the USA (2 part)

Each coin begins with the metal sheet twisted in a roll which composition includes copper, it is a little zinc, manganese and nickel for antioxygenation. These enormous rolls - 450 metres in length and weight more than 2500 kgs move in the huge puncher which is called - a stamping press. The press cuts down absolutely identical preparations, each of which is received strictly certain weight that coins could be identified in penny-in-the-slot machines and in banks.

Preparations of coins

Waste metal are going to for processing. But at this stage of preparation too solid to rap out on them design of a coin, therefore first of all they are necessary for softening. For this purpose them heat up to more than 700 degrees of Celsius, and then load into a hardening tank to cool. But though in the course of heating metal becomes softer, it unfortunately also acidifies. Therefore from a hardening tank they get to an enormous pipe which is called a twist. On it they move in a huge washing machine where in a solution of chemicals their gloss is reduced. In total for one hour of preparations of two tons are washed out and dried before delivering in the forging car. It is necessary to beat out the imperative convex fillet protecting a surface of a coin.

a preparation Fillet

The Received monetary disks arrive in a special premise for stamping. Here the engineer loads master stamps into a stamping press. This press by means of sensor controls reveals the rejected monetary disks before their delivering on a stamp. One stamp remains motionless, and other strikes on a coin surface, minting the plotting on both parties. Each press can manufacture 750 coins in a minute. The engineer examines each consignment in search of discard.


After that it passes coins further but if there are any defects - all consignment is destroyed. But that dollars became a lawful legal tender, it is necessary to add still something is the American motto. Fast turn of the stamping mechanism and on a fillet there are immortal words - For god is hoped.

in God we trust

Further the rapped out coins are loaded into an automatic calculating machine and at last the consignment of coins is ready to dispatch to banks across all America.

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