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Foreign exchange buying is obligatory for the international travellers. There is a weight of advantages to buying of a foreign exchange to a foreign trip as you avoid the additional payments levied by foreign establishments on sale of currency. Travellers can avoid also swindle including false money and theft, by currency purchase at reliable sources. There are some places to find currency and as soon as it is found, everything that you need to make, so it to pay necessary taxes and to receive the money.

1. The order it-lajn. Some tourist organisations and financial institutions offer on-line services of exchange. The tax service offers some safe resources. Reserve currency, having passed to a web site and having issued the order. You can pay buying through a site, and your currency will be sent by mail.

2. Go to bank which renders the international or any other similar services. Not each bank can offer currency purchase so that you should learn it first of all, but even the basic big banks do not keep a foreign exchange on hands. Without delay, it should be reserved beforehand to a trip. To purchase currency, transfer the money to department of the international services of bank and pay the exchange rate, along with all necessary payments. Receive in bank currency.

3. To purchase at the airport or hotel. Travellers can acquire currency in the exchange offices possessed at the airport. Converting of currencies is carried out in the majority of the international airports, but service charges traditionally at the highest level. Bargains in your hotel also are possible, but pass with higher exchange rate, than in other sources.

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