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an euro Symbol

The Euro is a currency European economic and an exchange rate union, adjustable item 127-144 AEUV of a policy of the European Union (EU). It is manufactured by the European central bank and represents itself as uniform official currency in 17 EU Member States and six other European countries which together form an euro zone. After dollar, the euro is the most important reserve currency in the world.

The Euro has been entered since January, 1st, 1999 for clearing settlements, and three years later, on January, 1st, 2002 have been entered cash. Coin euros, are manufactured by national central banks of 17 countries of Eurosystem, and also three more other countries, with a back specific to each state. Euro notes differ in Europe only various letters of a serial number.

The Eurozone is a group of 17 countries of the European Union which participate in the third stage European economic and an exchange rate union and use euro as official currency. Also the states which have connected cost of own currency with the fixed exchange rate of euro concern an eurozone, or without being members of EU unilaterally have entered euro. To the countries not being members of EU, the using euro, include not only the small countries such as Andorra and San Marino, concern Montenegro and Kosovo. The fixed exchange rate to euro is positioned in Europe - in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Africa - in Cabo Verde, Comoro Islands and 14 countries of franc area CFA. Also the franc CFP which is used in several French territories of transoceanic countries, is solidly adhered to euro. Some states, such as Morocco have adhered the currencies to a basket of currency which depends in a certain share and on euro. More than in thirty countries the euro addresses or the state currency depends on it.

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