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Top-10 Expensive currencies of the world

Kuwaiti dinars

In this list of currency are presented, under the relation of their cost to dollar. the most expensive currency not necessarily is the best investment choice or means the best economic well-being of the nation.

10. Dollar of the Cayman islands
Without having the direct taxation, islands prosper as the offshore financial centre, with hundreds banks, insurance and co-op share funds. One dollar of the Cayman islands is equal 1,21 US dollars.

9. Dinar Jordan
1 JOD = 1,4118 USD
Jordan can lack water and a crudeoil, but the Near-Eastern kingdom has a strong currency.

8. Euro
1 euros = 1,482 US dollars
Officially entered in 1999, the multinational Euro was in the cashless circulation till January, 2001.

7. Pound sterling of Great Britain
1 GBP = 2,068 USD
It seems a resort season, now, when, citizens of Great Britain, using the favorable exchange rate come to the USA, where for all of them in the half-prices.

6. Latvian lats
1 LVL = 2,135 USD
One lats now makes $2,135 USA. The country, in size with the Western Virginia, has entered process on stage-by-stage failure of lats in favour of euro which, predictably, becomes official currency approximately by 2012.

5. Cyprus pound
1 CYP = 2,53 USD
From the small inland state relying in the big degree on tourism, each asks a question, whether people more willingly have weakened the wallets if it there was no house of the fifth most valuable currency in the world.

4. Omani rial
1 OMR = 2,60 USD
Oman, the country at east coast of Africa at which currency the exchange rate is adhered to dollar at a rate of 1 OMR = $2.60 USA since 1986.

3. The Dinar Bahrain
1 BHD = 2,66 USD
The small inland state, approximately in 3,5 times is more on the size of the city of Washington, district of Columbia, Bahrain geographically takes the central place among the neighbours, Gulf States. Its industry is based on oil extracting and oil refining, and also financial services and building. The exchange rate to US dollar at level nearby 2,66 for one dinar Bahrain, is the third most expensive currency in the world. The dinar remains rather a key currency as its rate has been officially adhered to dollar in 2001.

2. Maltese lira
1 MTL = 3.50 USD
The small island country, approximately twice is more than Washington, district of Columbia, is the house for the second on a value of currency.

1. the Kuwaiti dinar
1 Kuwaiti dinar = 3,65 USD
In territory it is a bit less, than New Jersey, is manufactured one of the most expensive currencies of the world. Kuwait has been involved in negotiations this year together with five other Arabian monarchy of Persian gulf to generate the common currency. The currency of Kuwait is adhered now to dollar.

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