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As soon as your plane lands in another's country, most likely, it is required to you of a few money in the domestic currency - for a taxi, public transport and even meal. More and more the wide circulation of cash dispenses worldwide means that the domestic currency, as a rule, so close as the proximate cash dispense is positioned, especially if you fly to the large international airport. But it not always so. If you go to developing countries or you are not assured that the cash dispense will be accessible, quite good enough idea to have is a little a foreign exchange on hands even before house escaping. Foreign exchange buying in bank or exchange office before to go abroad, as a rule, not the most economic variant of an exchange of money since the commission will be levied that if you used a cash dispense or a credit card. That is why, if you depart to the large international airport or railway station, to you is better, possibly, to look cash dispense as soon as you will arrive and to remove cash in the domestic currency.

Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances at which it can appear useful to have a few domestic currency on hands before arrival in the country. First, some small airports can have only one cash dispense - and there is no warranty that it will function, or that your map will be compatible to a cash dispense. The small airports and stations, in particular in less developed countries, probably, have no cash dispenses in general. (Web sites of the airports as a rule, switch on the information on availability of cash dispenses, exchange offices; check up in advance.)

Also the good idea to have a few small denominations of the USA when you travel abroad. These it is useful in case to you to be necessary to change only a small amount of money, and in some countries especially requiring "hard currency", or with huge rates of inflation, you can receive the best exchange rates with US dollars. Leaving the country, in your pockets inevitably there is a trifle in a foreign exchange. Some travellers run at station or at the airport, spending the remained money resources. Other travellers, take away foreign coins and notes as souvenirs.

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