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Currency or the credit transfer is carried out by a method of a wire transfer of means from one natural person or establishment (legal person) to other. Bank remittance can be made from one bank account to account in other bank or through issue of cash in cash desk.

One of the largest companies which suggest to convert currency is Western Union, allowing physical persons to transfer or raise money without setting up an account in Western Union or any other financial institution. The trouble and disputes on conversations of currency in Western Union increase the last years, because of control strengthening over bargains on white-washing, and also concerning concern of use of service in terrorist groups, especially in the light of events on September, 11th, 2001. Though Western Union stores the information on senders and the recipients, some bargains can be done in essence anonymously, for a receiving party identification not always is required. One more variant for consumers and the enterprises converting currency at the international level is use of specialised broker firms for the international remittances. Many of these specialised broker firms can remit money under the best exchange rates in comparison with banks that allows to save to 4 %.

The Majority of the international transfers are carried out through SWIFT, the joint company based in 1974 by seven world banks which work in a global network for simplification of transfer of financial commissions. By means of these commissions, banks can interchange the data for conversation of currency between financial institutions. Headquarters SWIFT are in La-Hulpe, in suburbs of Bruxelles, Belgium. The company also acts as the international body authorised by the United Nations Organization on standartizing of creation and management financial commissions.

To Each financial institutions code ISO 9362 also named by the Bank Identification code (BIC) or a SWIFT-code is pirated. These codes, as a rule, consist of eight symbols. For example - Deutsche Bank Germany, a SWIFT-code for it DEUTDEFF is world bank with main office in Frankfurt: DEUT identifies Deutsche Bank; DE is a country code of Germany; FF - a code of Frankfurt. The expanded code from 11 figures if the bank-addressee pirates a code for the branches is sometimes used. The European banks carrying out transfers in the European Union also are obliged to use the international number of the bank account or IBAN.

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