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World currency - the economic term defining a kind of currency , accepted in various international monetary exchanges. Technically, the term is limited by a kind of the currency used as the international reserve currency. In conversation, he can refer to the money used in recognised economic and geographical regions simply. Studying of kinds of world currency will help to help to you to understand economic and business just as to find the necessary types of money at travel.

The US dollar is considered primary world currency since 1900th years and makes more than half of reserve currency of the world. Many countries, especially in Latin America, or have connected the national money with US dollar or have cancelled the domestic currency and use only the American money. At travel the majority of tourist areas accept US dollar and with readiness will interchange it for the domestic currency.

The Euro manufactured in 1999 on the world financial markets, in the circulation as physical currency, left after 2002, is the European alternative to US dollar and the native currency of the majority of members of the European union. The European countries which do not use euro as a leading world currency, connect often cost of the native currency with euro. Since 2006 of euro it has been released more money, than at its American competitor.

During travel tourists can use often either US dollars, or euro. If it is necessary for people more than local monetary units, certain currencies dominate over certain geographical areas. In Asia, the Chinese yuan and the Japanese yen are accepted largely. In Latin America, each country has the own native currency, but use US dollar at all levels business and the power. On the African continent, in the majority of the countries accept US dollars and euro equally. However, many east and southern African countries also use the British pound. Irrespective of a place, in the majority of hotels and the airports services in an exchange of principal views of currency work.

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