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Rules of etiquette of England


Many years ago, to England, social interactions, were controlled very strict by etiquette rules . If you infringed the this rules, it badly influenced your social status. Today rules of social interaction in England are softer. Nevertheless, here some exceptions to the rules of etiquette of our time which in my opinion, are applied today.

The Acts which are not approved by rules of etiquette:

  1. Noisy, energetic, gloomy behaviour;
  2. Attraction to itself attention a loud voice (at restaurant);
  3. the Clap doors;
  4. to Take without demand property of other people;
  5. to Borrow, even small amounts of money;
  6. handkerchief Use in public places, except emergency cases;
  7. To be impolite and inattentive;
  8. to Lay down feet on chairs and tables;
  9. not to dress for a supper in the presence of ladies, a black tie;
  10. to Smoke in the presence of the lady, without its permission;
  11. to Leave a door or the lift, forward women;
  12. to Walk with the woman, to go on a sidewalk inside;
  13. to Sneeze, cough, belch during meal;
  14. to Brag;
  15. to Release a place for the woman, having met it on a ladder;
  16. Steadfastly to look at people;
  17. the Contradiction and intolerance to another's opinion;
  18. Interruption of conversation of other people;
  19. to Gossip;
  20. to Speak about private affairs in the presence of strangers;
  21. Is impolite to talk to the person surpassing by a social status;
  22. In conversation, too often to retry a name of the interlocutor.

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