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La Posadas

"La Posadas", a remarkable holiday in Christmas Eve, is, perhaps, most delightful and unique the Mexican tradition . It starts to be marked on 16th of December in memory of Maria and Joseph's travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

After darkness approach, every night "Posada", strides a procession led by two children. Children bear a small pine plate with Joseph and Maria's exact copies, going on the burro. Other members of a procession all with the ignited long thin candles, sing "the Litany of the Sacred Virgin", and houses nominated as first "Posada" approach to the door. Together they sing prayers and appeal for the master of the house, to yield housing accommodation for Maria. By tradition, at first, from the house threaten all company with a beating if it does not depart further. The procession appeals for anew. When the master of the house, at last, learns, who its visitors, he joyfully flings the doors open and welcomes them. Mexicans kneel round a scene in a day nursery, sing to Ava Maria and prayers. Time "Pinata", soft drinks and dances now has come." Pinata "it is pottery or the paper container brightly decorated and filled with sweets and toys. It hangs on a ceiling or on a tree. One after another, children blindfold, try to strike Pinata a rod. Some attempts are routinely received. Certainly, when it occurs, explosion of positive emotions and distribution of gifts is received.

In Christmas Eve, with approach of night, small children dressed as shepherds stand on either side of a den while participants of a procession in a lap sing to lithium then lull the Christ of a lullaby of songs "El Rorro".

In midnight of a Christmas fireworks are ignited and bells call. Devout parishioners leave in church for sharing in well-known to "the Mass of the Cock". After a mass, families return home for a supper prepared of traditional Mexican food. Dishes vary depending on various regions. Nevertheless, the most widespread are "tamales", rice, "atole" (a sweet traditional drink) and ĞMenudoğ which as speak, more calms, than strong coffee.

Now many Mexicans have accepted the American style of celebrating of Christmas with a fur-tree and Father Frost.

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