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As the Nation the community of people which divide common language, culture, an ethnic accessory, an origin, history can be called. In this definition "nation" has no physical borders. However, as the nation people who have the general territory and the government, irrespective of their ethnic composition also can be called. In the international relations, under such definition the country or a sovereign state gets.

At present in the world there are 196 countries, including Taiwan. But Many countries Taiwan do not consider the official state. Though Taiwan works as the independent country, in many countries (including the USA) officially do not recognise it as a unit. The matter is that the national Republic China considers Taiwan as the broken away province, and the countries, wishing to save diplomatic relations with China, have been compelled to break off official relations with Taiwan (but more than in 100 countries, however, there are informal relations with Taiwan).

How much the countries consist in the United Nations Organization?

192 countries are members of the United Nations. Taiwan (in 1971, the United Nations were superseded by Taiwan and has replaced with its Chinese National Republic) and Vatican is excluded. Kosovo yet has no membership. New members of the United Nations Organization are Switzerland (2002) and Montenegro (2006).

What new countries have occurbed in the world?

The Newest country of the world is the Southern Sudan which has received independence of Sudan on July, 9th, 2011. Before, Kosovo which has proclaimed independence of Serbia in February, 2008 was the newest country. Montenegro became the country in June, 2006, after a detachment from Serbia. Since 1990 there were 29 new countries. Many of them have resulted from disintegration of Soviet Union (14 countries) and disintegration of the former Yugoslavia (7 countries).

Whether There are countries, someone's colonies?

In the world is 61 colony and territory. They belong to eight countries: Australia (6), Denmark (2), the Netherlands (2), France (16), New Zealand (3), Norway (3), Great Britain (15), and the United States (14).

Whether Is in the world of territory which belong, more than one country?

There are six basic disputable territories in the world: in Gaza Strip and on the West Bank of Jordan, the Paracel Islands, islands Spratli, Western Sahara, and Antarctica (about ten nations applied for its territory). Besides, there is an uncountable set of other territorial disputes all over the world, many of which result in to proceeding confrontations.

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