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The Word "pygmy" routinely designates something small. In anthropology, it falls into to a member of any human group, growth of which adult men does not exceed one and a half metres in height. But the basic concept of this word, as a rule, falls into to the African tribes of pygmies .

Growth of the majority of the African pygmies from 1 m of 22 sm to 1 m 42ρμ in height. They have short finitenesses. The skin of krasnovato-brown colour also serves as a camouflage in wood. A head routinely round and wide, with a curly hair.

The Majority of pygmies traditional hunters and collectors. They hunt on antelopes, birds, elephants and monkeys. Small onions and the poisoned arrows for hunting are for this purpose used. Women berries routinely collect, mushrooms, nuts and roots.

Pygmies live small groups. Each tribe consists of not less than fifty members. There is a territory for construction of huts at each group. But at threat of disappearance of a foodstuff, each tribe can take other territory. Discards between members of different tribes are propagated. Besides, any member of group, can leave freely from one and join other tribe when he will wish. There are no formal leaders of a tribe. All problems are decided by open negotiations.

For pygmies, wood is an equivalent of God. It yields a life. Executing ceremonies, pygmies support friendship with the natural and supernatural world.

Pygmies of tropical Africa are the most known dwarfish tribes living in dense rainforests. Some scientists assert that pygmies have been distributed across all Central Africa. Today they are concentrated in areas Congos, Gabon, Rwanda, Zaire, Burundi and Cameroon.

Mbutis are pygmies from wood of Ituri in Zaire. Many researchers consider that they, possibly, were the first inhabitants of this region.

Tva or batva are a tribe of pygmies found out in equatorial Africa. They are propagated both in high mountains and on plains round lake Kivu in Zaire, Rwanda and Burundi. They live in cooperation with cattle breeding tribes, have experience of manufacturing of pottery.

Tsva or batsva the big tribe of pygmies living near to a bog to the south from the river Congo. As tva, they live in a symbiosis with the next tribes, having accepted their language and culture. The majority of them are fishers or hunters.

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