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United Nations Organization Official languages are six languages which are used at United Nations meetings and on which all official documents of the United Nations are written. Them concern: Arabian, Chinese (tangerine), English, French, Russian, Spanish.

These languages are used at meetings of various bodies of the United Nations Organization, in particular General Assembly and Security council. Each representative of this or that country can act on any of these six languages, or he can speak in any language, to it will supply transfer into one of six official languages. The United Nations grant simultaneous interpretation from an official language in other five official languages. Six official languages are used also for distribution of official documents. While the document is accessible in all six official languages, it is not published. As a rule, texts in each of six languages are equally authentic.

The United Nations Organization is exposed to criticism for too big dependence on English language, and not sufficient use of other five official languages. The Spanish-speaking states have officially paid to this attention of the Secretary general in 2001. (Secretary general Kofi Annan has answered then that the full equality of six official languages is unattainable within the limits of existing budget constraints, but they nevertheless attach great value for improvement of language balance.) for the last years, the resolution of General Assembly has urged secretary to observe parity from six official languages, especially in the field of distribution of the public information.

The Last report of the Secretary general on a multilingualism has been manufactured on October, 4th, 2010. In reply to it on July, 19th, 2011, the General Assembly has accepted the resolution A/RES/65/311 concerning a multilingualism, urging the Secretary general to be convinced that all to six official languages yields equally favorable conditions. The resolution with concern has emphasised that multilingual web sites of the United Nations develop much slower rates, than it was expected.

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