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The first paper money of China

Earliest of known paper bank notes have appeared in China. The Flemish traveller and the monk the Bill de Rubruk which have visited a court yard of the Munke-khan in 1253 at the head of diplomatic mission sent by Louis Х1, told about them very short: "the Main money in China a­ cotton paper on which lines, as on nечатu the Munke-khan" are printed. A bit later in 1271 - 1295 the Venetian merchant and traveller Marco Polo (1254 - 1324) mentioned the visited China them in the notes. It managed to familiarise with npoцессом their manufacturing in Beijing. It not only has described appearance of sheets, but has in detail found out conditions of their circulation and an exchange.

Paper money of China of 19 centuries

Occurrence of the first state paper money ("Jiaozuo") concerns the period of board of a dynasty of Sun (960 - 1279). In 28 day 11 months of 1 year Tjan-shen (1023) in capital city have received instructions to begin release state "Jiaozuo".

Release of the state paper money has been begun in 1024. Private Sichuan "Jiaozuo" was direct predecessors of the first paper money in China. Earlier predecessors of the state paper money were issued in 7 - 9 centuries pawn receipts, extra letters and so-called «flying money» (feytsyanis), or actually some kind of квитанuии.

The earliest Chinese paper money of an epoch of a dynasty Yuan (1271 - 1368) is for certain known. From earlier periods of a dynasty of Sun (960-1279) and a jurchen dynasty of northern China Tszin (1115 - 1234) have remained only boards for printing of paper money, basically bronze and is more rare - wooden. One of the main reasons of the beginning of release of paper money in China were the difficulties connected with transportation of great sums, the copper money expressed in sheaves. Further release of paper bank notes in China did not stop till now.

the Author: Denisov A.E.

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