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The first paper money of Austria

The Beginning of release of paper bank notes in Austria was necessary the government decree in 1762, given the right to the Viennese city bank (Wiеner Stadt to Vanso) release of Banco-Zettels (Ваnсо-Zеttеl).

Since 1769 the Viennese city bank became governmental. Banco-Zettels were issued by face values from 5 to 1000 guldens. After the edition of the laws cancelling restrictions in their release, the quantity of Banco-Zettels in circulation grew, and the course has started to fall. Banco-Zettels having at first wide circulation strongly обесuенились after Seven-year war (1756 - 1763). Since 1800 Banco-Zettels by face values in 1 and 2 guldens in addition began to be issued.

the First banknotes of Austria (5 guldens 1806)

Real cost of Banco-Zettels by 1809 has made only 38,8 % from their face value. In 1811 has been spent деноминаuия all Banco-Zettels. All of them in the sum of 1060 million guldens have been exchanged for 208,7 million guldens, so-called redemption bank notes. But this операuия, changing only face value of bank notes, could not lead to steady currency. In 1813 - 1816 during Napoleonic wars issue of signs all time increased, and their course continued to fall.

Since 1818 after the termination of Napoleonic wars Austria has started to операuии gradual withdrawal of redemption bank notes from the reference by their exchange from calculation of 250 paper guldens on 100 guldens in the sonorous To coin. Release of paper bank notes till 1863 carried out Exclusive Austrian national bank (Privilegirte Oesterreichische National-Ваnk).

Since 1880 paper bank notes the Austro-Hungarian bank (Oesterreichisch-Ungarische began to let out Vank) at first in guldens, and since 1900 - in crones.

the Author: Denisov A.E.

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