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The first paper money of Poland

The Very first paper money in Poland - assignats (tickets exchequer) has been let out in 1794 during revolt of Tadeusha Kostjushki as the Viennese Banco-Zettels widely addressing at that time in Galicia. Assignats were issued by face values from 5 to 1000 zloties. These tickets, practically nothing provided, had compulsory circulation. Army Kostjushki only paid off with them with the population. Citizens have been obliged at payments in the state cash desks to grant half of sum tickets, and second half - only a hard coin. For refusal to accept in payment assignats strict punishment was provided. Issue of these tickets was assumed for the sum of 60 million zloties. In connection with shortage of a change change tickets by face values in 5 and 1О pennies, in 1 and 4 zloties have been let out also.

1О October, 1794 in fight under Matseevitse was seriously injured and general Kostyushko is taken prisoner. On November, 6th Catherine II armies under the direction of A.V.Suvorov took Warsaw. This very day on November, 6th all treasury notes which have been let out for the sum in 10883751 zloty, have ceased to be means of payment.

the First banknotes of Poland (4 zloties 1794)

The Following release of paper money for territories of Poland has been carried out in duchy Warsaw in 1807 - 1814, formed on conditions of the Tilsit world of 1807. The duchy Warsaw under arrangements between emperors Napoleon 1 and Alexander 1 has been created on the Polish earths, till 1806 occupied by Prussia.

The Duchy Warsaw was the constitutional monarchy completely dependent on France, and coped Saxon king Fridrihom August.

Banknotes of duchy Warsaw under the name of cash tickets were issued by face values in 1, 2 and 5 thalers (l a thaler = 6 zloties). Tickets were printed in Dresden.

After the termination of Napoleonic wars on the Viennese congress 1814 - 1815 Poland has been divided between Austria, Prussia and Russia. In territory of the Poland which has departed to Austria and Prussia, the bank notes which are let out in these states were used.

the Author: Denisov A.E.

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