The first paper money of China

The first paper money of Austria

The first paper money of England, Scotland and Ireland

The first paper money of France

Paper bank notes of Great French revolution

The first paper money of Germany

The first paper money of Italy

The first paper money of Denmark and Norway

The first paper money of Poland

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The first paper money in the North America

The first paper money in other countries

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The first paper money in other countries

In the states of Asia and Africa (except for China) paper money has started to let out basically in 19 - the beginning of 20 centuries. In Turkey the first banknotes have appeared in 1840, in Korea - in 1893, in Siam (modern Thailand) - in 1853.

In Japan the first paper state bank notes have been let out in 1872. Since 1877 of a banknote began to let out National bank of Great Japanese empire. In 1885 this bank has been renamed into Bank Japan (Bank of Japan).

In 1899 the first banknotes in Egypt have been let out. Release of banknotes carried out National bank of Egypt. Formally till 1914 Egypt was a part of Turkish empire with some rights of an autonomy. Actually since 1882 has been occupied by English armies and with 1914 for 1922 officially was protectorate of Great Britain. Egypt has received independence in 1922.

the First banknotes of Turkey (10 kuruses 1854)

In Turkish empire the first paper bank notes have been let out in 1840 as exchequer signs. Since 1863 bank notes were issued on behalf of Bank of Turkish empire. Since 1937 paper bank notes are let out by the Central bank of Turkey.

Thus, since 17 centuries and prior to the beginning of 20 centuries paper bank notes began to be issued in all European states, and also almost in all of them colonial possession in Africa, Asia, Ocenia and America. Banknotes in these states during the different periods were issued:

• as the guaranteed firm bank notes, change at any time on gold or silver and provided with a stock of a metal coin in banks of issue;

• with the limited exchange on a hard coin or at all without the right of exchange to a metal coin (i.e. purely paper money sometimes with a compulsory course).

On the American continent in Latin America and the countries of the Caribbean region, without considering Brazil, earliest of known paper money have been let out in Haiti in 1790. Within 19 centuries and the first quarter of 20 centuries practically in all Latin American states released from colonial dependence, there has been begun release of banknotes. In the majority of the countries of Latin America paper money was printed in American Banknote Company and on the external registration was very similar to US dollars.

the Author: Denisov A.E.

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