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Coins from gold

The Coined gold is the coin which has been rapped out completely from gold. Gold was used for production of coins actually since the moment of the invention of stamping, basically because of natural value of gold. Now the majority of modern coined golds are intended or for acquisition by collectors, or for use as investment coins from the precious metal which nominal value is inappropriate and which serve first of all as a method of a financial investment in gold.

Gold was used as money for many reasons. Gold is easily transported, as has more an appreciated value, in comparison with other subjects of monetary circulation, such as, for example, silver. The gold bar can be divided into smaller parts, without changing the value; it can be or is fused or rapped out. Gold density above than at the majority of other metals that prevents to create fakes. Gold is absolutely not reactive metal. Deficiency of gold stabilises the value.

Coins from gold

Coined golds had very long cycle time, as primary form of the money, gone out of use only to the beginning of 20th century. The large part of the countries of the world has ceased to use coined golds as currency by 1933, as the countries camed off the gold standard during the international economic crisis - Great Depression. In the United States of America, the Government directive 6102 from 1933 forced citizens to hand over the gold to the state that was accompanied by dollar devaluation concerning gold though the United States completely did not disconnect dollar from value of gold till 1971.

Coins of gold colour are used in money resources of many countries of the world. However, the term "coined gold" (in numismatical terminology) always addresses to a coin which (more or less) is made of the present gold, and does not switch on the coins executed with use of manganese or other metals and alloys. Besides, many countries continue to do coins of gold lawful instruments of payment, but first of all they are intended for collectors and the investment purposes and do not act in a role of circulating mediums.

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