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Coined golds of Austria

The First coins have occurbed in Austria about the third century B.C., and consisted of the Greek and Macedonian coins. In the end of the first century B.C., the Roman legions have seized territory where modern Austria is possessed, and have entered the Roman coined golds - Aureus and later Solidus which were in circulation so much, how much Austria was a part of Roman empire.

the Austrian 20 francs - 8 florins (1892)

Gold Austrian ducats have been manufactured in 1612, they had high gold composition - 0.986 g and are the most popular Austrian coined golds. Thanks to stable weight and quality of a coin, it was widely adopted. The ducat was manufactured hardly probable not by all European states. During the period with 1870 for 1892, Austria manufactured coined golds with the double name: 4 florins - 10 francs and 8 florins - 20 francs. The Austrian membership in the Latin Monetary Union became the reason for it.

the Memorable coined gold 50 euros (2002)

The First gold Austrian crowns have been manufactured in 1892 in nominal value of 10 and 20 crowns. Coins have been made, copying German standards (for coined golds of 10 and 20 marks) and were minted till 1915. The shilling has been entered in Austria in 1924, replacing Austro-Hungarian crowns. The first gold Austrian schilling was minted since 1926 in two nominal values: 25 and 100 shillings. The last shilling has been rapped out in 1999, before replacement by euro. Since 2002, Austria manufactures gold euros in various nominal values (switching on 10, 25, 50, and 100 euros) in the form of collection and memorable coins.

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