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The British gold sovereign - a coined gold of the United Kingdom, with nominal value of one pound sterling, but is end-use as an investment coin. Named in honour of the English gold sovereign, minted the last time in 1604, issue of new sovereigns has begun in 1817, after an establishment in Great Britain of a gold standard of 1816. The gold content has been positioned in 113 grains (7.322, it is equivalent to 0.2354 ounces, weight which remains to constants until now.

the Sovereign of king George III (1817)

Sovereigns were minted in the United Kingdom with 1817 till 1917, in 1925 and with 1957 for 1982. As gold sovereigns manufactured mints of colonies of Great Britain - Australia, India, Canada and Southern Africa.

the Sovereign of queen Victoria (1842)

In addition to the sovereign the Royal Mint the two-pound double sovereign and five-pound sovereigns manufactured the half-sovereign (10 shillings). In the circulation routinely left only the sovereign and the half-sovereign. Now the sovereign mint in a collection variant. In 2009 the Royal Mint has manufactured a new coined gold - a quarter of the sovereign. At first on reverses of coined golds Sacred George killing a dragon, engraved by the Italian master Benedetto Pistruchchi has been represented. During George's IV board, Wilhelm IV, queen Victoria and Elizabeths II were used also other plots.

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