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Coined golds of France

France is the country with rich history and coined golds make its big part. The first franc France has been executed in 1360, as a coined gold. On him the king sitting on a game in an armour has been represented. By 1643 francs have ceased to be used, but they have revived during revolution of 1795, after introduction in currency of decimal system.

20 gold francs France (1908)

Coined golds were produced in France with high-precision processing. Some French coins are dated on the French revolutionary calendar, instead of the Gregorian. The revolutionary calendar settled up with September, 22nd, 1792, dates of creation of the First French republic. Since January, 1st, 1806 this calendar has been excellent. Nominal value of francs France: 5, 10, 20, 40, 50, 100, 100 coined golds, and Napoleon Bonaparte's coins. Napoleon Bonaparte's coins in nominal value 20 and 40-francs also are made of pure gold 0,900. They were manufactured with 1803 for 1804, then with 1810 for 1815, except for 1814.

20 gold francs France (1914)

The Most expensive coins of the present have been manufactured recently in France. A coined gold in 1000 euros, with the plotting of Greek hero Hercules and two female figures symbolising freedom and equality. All 10 thousand rapped out coins have been sold that reflects a great demand on gold in the current market.

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