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Though Otto fon Bismarck has created Central bank, an incorporated system of law and the common currency of Germany, separate German grounds have still been allocated by the right to manufacture gold and silver coins in nominal value more than 1 mark, smaller units of currency were manufactured by empire. Mark long time was a tally in a more part of Europe, being an equivalent two thirds of English pound sterling.

20 gold DM (1913)

Earlier, German grounds, before the association, manufactured coined golds, using many various standards where ducats, guldens, thalers, crowns, pistoles, francs, etc. Even entered at such variety of names, only a part of grounds coined golds ever manufactured, the others, simply, used neighbouring state coins. Since 1871, in Germany there were official coined golds of denomination of 20 marks though coins of 5 and 10 marks also were manufactured, but in smaller quantities. Prussia, as the greatest, the richest and the most influential was the most prolific, for issue of coins, ground. So that all German coined golds with which face routinely, manufactured in Prussia with 1871 for 1915.

the Memorable coined gold 100 euros (2004)

Except for medals and the samples intended first of all for collectors, no coined golds have been manufactured by Germany since 1915. Any coined gold also was not manufactured for the Third Reich (1933 - 1945γγ.). And only on December, 27th, 2000 the last coin 1 DM has been manufactured. The coin is produced of 999 finenesses of gold, and there corresponds on appearance to a usual coin 1 mark, an inscription republic Germany is replaced with German Bundesbank.

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