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The Chinese coined golds "Panda" is 29 different design, always a popular series of 0,999 coined golds which the first time have been manufactured by the limited circulation in 1982. "The pandas" manufactured on the Mint in Shenchzhen happen in the size in 1 ounce, half of ounce, an ounce quarter, the tenth part of ounce, and tiny - the twentieth part of ounce. Each coin is packed on the Mint into an individual plastic box.

the Chinese gold - the Panda

Coined golds of National Republic China of a series "Panda" - one of the most successfully sold coins of 1980th years. The warm and indistinct plotting of small pandas is so positive that gold pandas became popular subjects of a collecting. The last some years, coined golds "Panda" become more and more popular among buyers of gold in China and worldwide. Changing design every year, Chineses have managed to create stable demand for this product, irrespective of gold price fluctuations.

Coined golds "Panda" are sold by China more expensively, than standard coins, in them the idea of modern collection coins is concluded. Coins "Panda" of 1982, the first year of issue, are more narrow in 1987 so were in demand at collectors that were sold under the price $3000. Other early coined golds of "Panda" too began to be sold for the big awards. China has appeared sitting on a gold mine, and has expanded the grocery ruler for satisfaction of a growing demand. Very few collectors purchased annual issue of new pandas.

Special sets have been manufactured from coined golds "Panda", presented in the lacquered boxes with a silk lining, and values of gold were sold more than twice more expensively. Huge in 5 - and 12 - troy ounces of gold of a coin "Panda", in size with "puck" were manufactured in the limited quantity, and under the huge price.

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