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Surprisingly, but total gold in the world marvellously small size. We, approximately, can calculate a total sum which exists.

In any directory, you can see that annual world production of gold makes about 50 million troy ounces a year. Gold with specific weight 19,3 that means that it in 19,3 times is heavier some water. So in one one-litre jar of gold will be there are in weight 19,3 kg. The cubic litre, represents a cube with the party of 10 centimetres. In kg there are 32,15 troy ounces. Thus, in a year in the world the gold cube, with the party about 4,3 metres is manufactured. In other words, all gold manufactured all over the world for year, is almost entered in a drawing room of the ordinary person!

Cuba of gold

This cube is powerful 1555210 kg. The final price of gold made $256,10 USA - by means of this number, all gold manufactured for a year costs $12805000000. These are the big money, but not such unimaginable quantity. For example, for such money the Pentagon manufactures start of system of companion GPS. And NASA budget in 1998 has made $13,6 billion.

Finding-out of what total of gold, have been manufactured by the person, is a bit more difficult. To reach any estimation, yield we will assume that in the world attend to gold production at level of 50 million ounces in a year within 200 years. This number, possibly, is a little above the validity but if to consider that at Aztecs and Egyptians the gold considerable quantity for a long time, it, possibly was manufactured, not too integrated. Fifty millions ounces * 200 years = 10 billion ounces. Ten billions ounces of gold 25 metres on the party will be entered cubed approximately.

Platinum is even more scarce metal, than gold. It 3,6 million troy ounces a year is manufactured only. Its specific weight makes 21,45, and it has been found out in 18 century, instead of in 3000 BC If to assume that the world has manufactured 3600 thousand ounces a year within the last 50 years for an estimation of the general world offer, all platinum of the world is entered in a cube, with the party of 6,3 metres. In other words, all platinum of the world it will be easy it is seated in an average apartment house!

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