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The Gold dollar was the dollar coin of the United States of America manufactured with 1849 for 1889. Consisting of 90 %-s' pure gold, it there was the smallest issue of a gold standard ever manufactured by the Federal government of the United States. Originally, there were no plans for coined gold production in 1 dollar, but in the end of 1840th years, later two gold-rushes, the Congress of the USA decides to expand gold use in country currency. The gold dollar has been confirmed by the law from March, 3rd, 1849 Because of an appreciated value of gold, gold dollar - the second least coin in the history of the American stamping, after a silver coin in three cents.

Gold dollar

Appearance of gold dollar originates more than one decade prior to the law from March, 3rd, 1849, after a gold-rush in Carolina in 1830. Sudden appearance of gold forces the Government of the USA, to make some changes in country coinage. Coined golds began to be manufactured in much considerable quantities, and also new mints in Charlotte and Dalonega only for production of coined golds have been opened. Approximately during the same time, in the USA the first gold dollars, but not from outside the Governments began to be manufactured. Christopher Bechtler, the German immigrant, the jeweller by a trade, has used a gold-rush, remelting the extracted gold in coins. He has started to offer this service in the beginning of 1830 in Northern Carolina, and by 1840 has manufactured more than 2,2 million dollars in coined golds. Almost half from this was in the form of gold dollars.

At that time actions Christopher Bechtler were absolutely lawful, but its success has drawn attention of the Government of the USA. It was offered members of the Government that the Mint of the USA has participated in this new paying concern and has begun stamping of own gold dollars. In 1836 the Congress has authorised the Mint of the USA on issue of coins, but director of the Mint Robert Patterson has opposed this idea. However in 1849 all was changed. The new gold-rush in California has called demand for production of coined golds. Director Patterson again minded, but could not convince the Congress. The law from March, 3rd 1849 allowed production not only gold dollars, but also other new coin, a double eagle.

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