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Coins from the precious metals, released by many countries, are called investment and are freely sold on commodity markets. Investment metals can be decanted in ingots, or are rapped out in coins. A sign of definition of an ingot - is its estimation with the positioned weight and cleanliness, instead of a face-value as money. While old coined golds are going first of all for their numismatical value, investment coined golds do today the rate on the metal (gold) contents - and are considered by investors, first of all, as "protection" against inflation and a store of value. Many countries mint investment coins. And though they are manufactured as a lawful instrument of payment, a face-value of these coins considerably above as are evaluated at cost of weight of precious metals from which this coin is rapped out.

The European commission annually publishes the list of coined golds which need to be considered as investment coined golds in all EU member states. The list has legal validity of the law. In the United Kingdom the additional list of coined golds together with the list of the European commission is published. The second list does not have legal validity.

Investment ingots and coins

Investment coined golds are routinely manufactured by weight in 1 ounce, 1/2 ounces, 1/4 ounces, 1/10 and 1/20 of ounce. The majority of the countries has one design of coins which remains to constants every year; in other countries (such as the Chinese coins of the Panda) are changes, and in most cases each coin is dated. The investment coined gold in weight in 1/10 ounces is manufactured in the same size as the American ten cents. An investment coined gold in weight in 1 ounce at a rate of half of US dollar.

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