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The First coins in the world have been made in Lydia, approximately in 640 year BC but as the ancient state Lydia was in territory of modern Turkey that leaves that relations between Turkey and coined golds total more than two and a half thousand years. In connection with such long history not surprisingly that Turkey has manufactured many various names of coined golds.

the Reverse of 100 Turkish gold piastres of 1909

On the uniqueness and a rarity some Turkish coins can easily compete to some of the most rare Chinese coined golds with the same long history. But at the same time Turkish coined golds are underestimated now also the majority of them have the price a little above than their actual gold cost. Because of use of the Arabian inscriptions on Turkish coins of early issues, the majority of the western numismatists ignores such coined golds. The western numismatists find difficult the Arabian inscriptions, consider their confused and not read, these inscriptions disturb to an estimation in what main value of a coin - in collection uniqueness or good investment cost consists. It means that any collector of Turkish coins to find in a condition much concerning cheap Turkish coins which can be rare and potentially valuable if it is prepared better than the ordinary medium collector.

the Reverse of 500 Turkish gold liras of 1973

Since 1930 Turkey manufactures coined golds, using, already Latin letters and numbers. It hardly facilitates, for numismatists, to learn year of creation and other essential parametres of Turkish coins.

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