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Runaway inflation

By Economists it is positioned that 3-4 percent of a rise in prices a year are an admissible rate of inflation in modern economy. By the way, for inflation with level of growth to 3 percent a year, definition - "creeping inflation" and if growth does not exceed 10 percent it is called going inflation is thought up. Paul Samuelson, the outstanding American economist, the Nobel prize winner combines "creeping" and "going" inflations under the name of "moderate" inflation. According to Samuelson, moderate inflation is not a serious problem for economy. Though some economists consider, what even "going" inflation should make us more cautious as it represents a signal, warning about possible occurrence of "running" or "galloping" inflation if it is not checked up by time.

Runaway inflation

At fast bullish demonstration for the goods, there is "a running" inflation. "Running" inflation can lead more than to 100 percent bullish demonstration within a decade. Thus, when the prices grow more than for 10 percent a year, there is "a running" inflation. Economists do not describe its range. But, it is possible to tell that it is characterised by a two-place rate of inflation in 10-20 percent a year. If it exceeds this figure can be named by "galloping" inflation. According to Samuelson, it occurs, when the prices grow in two-place or three-value speed - 20, 100 or 200 percent to argentinoes, Brazil and Israel, for example, have tested such rates of inflation, more than 100 percent, in the eighties. A runaway inflation really serious problem. It result ins to economic distortions and infringements.

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