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Inflation in Russia

On June, 15th, 2012 the Central bank of the Russian Federation has made the decision on preservation of key interest rates without changes that however, did not become unexpectedness. However has been decided to reduce a day rouble swap about 8 % to 6,5 % as of June, 18th. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has noticed in the press release that interest rates are "corresponding" on the proximate months.

Inflation in Russia

Also in the press release of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation it is noted, what is it the decision is neutral for a monetary policy, and decrease in a day currency swap simply means expansion of possibility for the credit organisations on attraction of rouble liquidity from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation". It is a strategic course which will help to reduce volatility on a money market and by that to improve monetary policy transfer. It will serve as the additional tool to prevent jumps of interest rates at excess liquidity change on an interbanking market. Lower volatility does ruble attractive to investors. Really, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has designated in the application that according to comments in comparison with the last weeks, ruble easing creates scratches for inflation occurrence.

Marking scratches of slowing down of economic growth in industrial production, the Central bank of the Russian Federation notices that internal demand of consumption is still strong also labour market development forms the "favorable" conditions for stable demand in the future.

However, intensity on a labour market, the forthcoming postponed growth of tariffs and easing of ruble within the last several months, will increase inflation till the end of the year. Having reached 3,6 % in April, 3,7 % in May, it is expected that in June it will reach 3,9 %. After increase of municipal tariffs in July, most likely, splash will occur to 6 % in August. May easing of ruble if it will be saved, can add still 2 % to a consumer price index this year. Thus, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will have very short time, trying to save an inflation index at level of 5-6 % in 2012.

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