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Inflation in Ukraine

Inflation in Ukraine in 2012 will be 7-9 %, depending on results of a crop. Such forecast has been published in the report of analytical group Da Vinci AG, under the name "the Ukrainian economic tendencies. The forecast for 2012".

It will be provided by an astable situation in the food market which makes key impact on a rise in prices. On housing-and-municipal services, the rise in prices in the fourth quarter also is not excluded. Besides, inflation increase will promote creation of conditions for social payments which have been switched on in the budget for a current year.

Inflation in Ukraine

According to experts, the analysis of rates of inflation throughout the last three years has shown that actually Ukraine interferes with with the intensive sales resistance, connected with reduction of buying power of the population and an economic recession as a whole, instead of decrease in consumer costs.

In the document also it is said that despite necessity of updating of methods of calculation of indexes of inflation for Ukraine, inflation past year has made 4,6 % that has been declared by the government, can be close to a reality.

Analysts rank Ukraine as the countries with low economic growth and a poverty high level. At the same time, the company has drawn a conclusion that the consumer price index in Ukraine is not underestimated, but it reflects various processes in economy - growth of poverty and economic crisis continuation. In particular, falling of buying power of the population throughout the last three years has resulted, according to analysts, for consumer goods basket revaluation, having changed in structure of demand for a foodstuff in favour of cheaper goods.

As it was reported, inflation in Ukraine in 2011 has fallen to a historical minimum from the moment of independence finding - to 4,6 %. The law on a public finance for 2012 provides inflation in size - 7,9 %.

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