Financial investments

Financial investments represent financial placements in securities, such as shares, bonds, bills, deposits of banks and other financial instruments which allow to absorb unterests or the income of financial investments. A main objective of financial investments - profit taking. The size of the income can be various, but it is necessary to remember that, as a rule, the above yield of financial investments, the above financial risks. Therefore the problem of the investor attending to financial investments - to find the margin of profit optimal for and a relative risk. One of principal views of financial investments are placements in securities. The basic securities are shares, bonds, bills, investment and savings certificates; derivative securities represent forward or futures contracts, options and depository receipts.

Financial investments have one big advantage - they allow to receive the passive income, i.e. for profit taking is completely not obligatory to work most. Instead of you your money works. But not all so simply as it seems. To earn really big money from financial investments, it is necessary to analyze carefully the market, securities and the enterprises, their manufacturing. Without the penetrating analysis and knowledge of the market it is not necessary to attend to financial investments, after all always there is a risk to receive instead of profit the loss, or in general to lose all money.

Management of financial investments is one of the major problems of any investor. It is necessary to spend constantly an estimation of efficiency of financial investments, to revise an investment portfolio and to carry out regulation of investments. At financial investments on a capital market to avoid many disappointments to you the simple rule will help: - to close position, if there is a price cut more, than on 5 %. Financial placements in securities need to be carried out only in well-known personally to you the companies. It is impossible to be incompetent, so far as concerns private investments. At financial investments pay attention to the property which the company which has manufactured securities has, do financial investments only in those financial instruments which have sound liquidity and you can sell them easily and fast always. The value of securities always fluctuates, therefore, knowing an actual value of securities, irrespective of boom or depression in the market, you can buy shares, when they are underestimated and to sell, when are overestimated. At financial placements in securities, watch a price fluctuation.


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