Investment activity

Investment activity is an investment of investments, investment, set of practical actions on realisation of investments. Investment in creation and reproduction of a fixed capital is carried out in the form of capital investments. In a broad sense investment activity is a cumulative activity on investment of money and other values in designs, and also maintenance of return of investments. In narrow sense investment activity is a buying or sale of long-term assets and other investment objects which are not money's worths.

Investment activity is an investment of investments and realisation of practical actions with the purposes of profit taking or achievement of other useful effect, carried out in the form of capital investments.

Subjects of investment activity are investors, customers, executors of works, users of objects of investment activity, and also suppliers, legal bodies (the bank, insurance and intermediary organisations, investment exchanges) and other participants of investment process. Natural or legal persons, including foreign, and also the states and the international organisations can be subjects of investment activity.

Investment activity includes all forms of enterprise activity as she always requires investment of capital - investments. In the foreign legislation investment activity routinely is understood as the enterprise activity directed on attraction of free money resources of an uncertain circle of persons for the purpose of their premise in securities and extraction as a result of operations made with securities of profit. According to such understanding investment activity is carried out by professional market participants of securities, specialised institutes, for example, investment trust companies, investment funds, and also other organisations which have obtained a licence on realisation of corresponding activity.


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